Crash discrimination:I have a dream, too What kind of important social issue is existed in U.S.A. when people had seen the movie named by “Crash”? In this move it shows that the woman’s husband didn’t be against the illegal behavior when the white man as a police had a sexual harassment on the black woman, his lovely wife. Second, Greek family owns a wonderful shop in U.S.A. Father in this family did not really believe that the black man did his best to fix up the door. When the black man gave some advice to this father concerning changing another hardest door, this father totally opposed to the black man’s words, even speaking some impolite words of racial discrimination. Last but not least, it is pity that most people still have the racial discrimination in their mind, but they don’t know why they have. In fact, two 酒店打工years ago people all over the world focused on Iraq ’s war between President George W. Bush and Saddam Hussein of Iraq ’s leader how many casualties the fierce war caused. And, American people viewed Iraq as an evil and terror country, and were eager to attack and eliminate this Arabic country. However, President George W. Bush really neglected that the effect of Hurricane Katrina on New Orleans was catastrophic and long-lasting although it seemed that he had assigned the army to help people living in this tragic area. Further, when we try to research the reason why the president did not urgently rescue people of New Orleans in the golden time, it is apparently shown that most of people suffering from the nature disaster are “Afro-American”. Therefore, what is wrong in this unfair society? And, why did the black have the 東森房屋liabilities, especially social status? Who really cares them? In addition, retrospectively, in U.S.A. in the past from 1861 to 1865, Civil War had happened, and resulted in 600,000 casualties. It is because the northern government took scorched earth policy; on the other hand, the southern authorities took Nation in Arms policy. Before war, U.S.A. has divided into two parts, northern and southern areas, that those have extremely different economics, societies, and life styles. For example, one is on basis of manufacture, and the other is on foundation of agriculture. The northern areas needed to own the whole country and had an identical policy to manumit, but the southern areas needed to have clouds of the black slaves from Africa to stick to economics. So, in the beginning, the southern authorities provided free from the 酒店打工United States , but the president Abraham Lincoln insisted that that whole nation might live. Moreover, according to the Gettysburg Address, President Abraham Lincoln had addressed, “this nation, under God, shall have a new birth of freedom and that government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth”, we realized that the spirits of U.S.A. are liberty and democratic rights. After war, U.S.A. polished the unreasonable antislavery system, but is it true that U.S.A. government really put Emancipation Proclamation into practice? It is pity that the inner attitude against the black in the white mind is existed nowadays. It may be not salary phenomena, but racial discrimination does not disappear in America . In the modern society, how can we deal with or improve the absurd and abnormal racial 術後面膜outlook? As far as I am concerned, I have three points impervious to criticism to figure out the tough social problem. First, education is the crucial key to help people to know that everyone is equal and has the same human right no matter what kind of races they are. For example, students should be taught that we need to believe each other thought the black man give you a great advice. We cannot conceive that all black people symbolize “evil” or “bad” people. Of course, some people say that most black people have the bad records, but I think that those are too worried to tell between what is right and what is wrong. In fact, every kind of race has some villains and some philanthropists. Besides, we educate students not only to own a great capacity for tolerance on different races, but also to touch different cultures 酒店工作amply and abundantly. It will help students to understand deeply what subtle differences it exists between the white and the black. For instance, students ought to come by the disadvantage black communities, and then communicate with local black residents. On contrary, if students never talk with the black, the divergent thoughts won’t have the chance to blend into harmony at all. Moreover, students have to emphasize one’s intelligence and moral performance instead of color and wrong stereotype. What is important, life is superior to everything. No matter what the color is, everyone has the same heartbeat, breath, and emotion including joy, angry, sorrow, happiness, jealousy, hate, love, and so on. Therefore, there is no any specific race, especially the white, to look down on other races, and students should respect and 關鍵字排名accept different races or different colors of skin. It means that the real good education system had better own the positive viewpoints to contain different colors and thoroughly understand every kind of races is the same human being. Second, the government ought to assist the disadvantage black people. It is not only a kind of poverty, but also a kind of nature resources disturbed unjustly in the black world. The authorities concerned set up working counseling institution to aid the unemployed black labors. Advanced, it will need to build temporary funds to support the poor black students to go to school; otherwise, those students will drop out to addict or steal, causing the social issues. If the black students enhance their knowledge levels, they will find better jobs to raise their family and have the wonderful manners in 東森房屋the future. In a word, if the government indeed improves the black environment and life, the social capital will gigantically save more money to invest in the black areas again. It will cause the positive circulation. For example, the government develops tourism in the black districts. It not only provides local black people job opportunities, but also makes the white know the black to a great extent. Of course, when tourism flourishes and rises in the black areas, the social issues including racial discrimination will gradually vanish. But, most of politicians are the white, and cheat the black when running in an election. They did not make their promises come true. Third, the public media and people transmit the correct attitude toward the black. For example, some of people usually mock at the black on TV show to 酒店經紀entertain others. But, even if the talk show is just anxious to please audience, the content should prohibit some bad words concerning racial discrimination. Those programs learn how to make the excellent forms because of a great influence on general people. Those advocate everyone is equal and most of black people are friendly and kindly instead of hostile and dangerous people. Gradually, when people are used to accepting the correct ideas, people would change their original wrong concepts step by step. Further, when the black commit a crime, media should not focus on their color on purpose. It will bring the black into contempt and worry. Hence, the news ought to take fair action to release. Martin Luther King, Jr. in his famous address, I have a dream, had said,”I have a dream that one day this nation will rise up 買屋and live out the true meaning of its creed. We hold these truths to be self-evident that all men are created equal.” Therefore, I have a dream, too. I dream that people can create a peaceful and wonderful world when people understand every kind of races is the same human being, and life exceeds all things on earth. I dream that one day everyone will have a strong will to get rid of this wrong concept, racial discrimination. Also, I dream that education policy and the politicians’ promises can be put into practice. I dream that media can stand the justice and have a friendly way to treat the black. Finally, I still dream that we will really own a paradise and live in heaven all over the world without any war on racial discrimination like Civil War.

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